Steps to Clean A Clogged Drain

Broken or stopped up drains can be an enormous problem for Business owners or homeowners. The backing up and overflowing of stopped up drains can cause water damage and may cause interior damage especially if the pipe were to rupture from being under pressure. There are a few steps that can be taken to fix these problems before damage takes place.

To begin with, to repair clogged drains, the easiest method of fixing them is by pouring a concoction of drain cleaner down them. A homemade recipe, of baking soda and vinegar, or a drain cleaner purchased from the store will work. It should be used often over a few days in order to clean out the clogs in the drain. Using the cleaner with a plunger will help to get rid of the clog.

Snaking the drain is an additional solution that can be used to clean out a drain. When using a snake it will push out the clog. When snaking the toilet or showers they can be done from above. The drains in sinks have to be snaked within the pipes, not from above. To accomplish this, the pipes may have to be taken apart. If attempting this, be sure to have a cloth and a bucket ready in case it is needed for water clean-up. A cable auger could also be used, but this could possibly cause damage to the pipes when using an auger. It is essential to be very careful because the auger can damage pipes by causing holes or cracks in the pipes.

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A third step that can be taken is to totally take the pipes apart. This works very well for toilets or sinks, when taking the pipes apart, a wrench might be needed and, the bucket and cloth should be kept handy. It would also be a good idea to wear rubber gloves for protection against what is clogging the drain, since it will more than likely be something disgusting. Pay attention to how the pipes are taken apart so they can be put back together the correct way. Clean each section of pipe carefully, so the problem will not occur again. Also, keep a bottle of drain cleaner on hand.

In conclusion, when drains are clogged, this can be a big problem. Stopped-up drains, that are not taken care of right away, can create further damage. If the pipes break there could be major problems. To avert this, follow these three steps. For the first step use a drain cleaner. It can be either store bought or homemade. In addition, a plunger may be helpful. Third, a snake device could be used on the drains. This sometimes offers very positive results. Try taking apart the pipes. This will make it easy to clean out the debris that is clogging the drain.

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