Three Ways To Fix Your Drain

Clogged or damaged drains can be a huge problem for homeowners or business owners. Along with the water damage it may cause from overflowing or backing-up, it may also cause interior damage if the pipe were to burst from being clogged and under pressure. There are a few steps you can take to fix your problem before damage occurs.

To start with, for clogged drains, the best way to fix them is by pouring a drain cleaning concoction down them. Try a homemade recipe, such as baking soda and vinegar, or a store bought cleaner, which you can find in almost any convenience store. Do this several times over the next day or two to clear the drains of whatever it is that may be clogging your drain. Using a plunger will also help alongside the drain cleaners.

Also, you may want to try snaking the drain. Another way to fix your drain is by using a “snake” to push out the clog. Showers and toilets can be snaked from above, but sink drains must be snaked from within the pipes, not from the top. To do this, you may have to take the pipes apart. If you do, make sure to keep a bucket and rag ready incase water comes out. A cable auger can be used too, but there are risks to the pipes with using one. It may damage your pipes by causing cracks or holes if not carefully used.

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The third step you can take is to completely take the pipes apart. This is very effective for sinks or toilets, when taking your pipes apart, you may need a wrench and, as mentioned earlier, a bucket and rag. You may also want to wear a pair of rubber gloves to keep yourself protected from what is clogging your drain, as it may be hair or something else disgusting. Make sure that you keep track of how you take the pipes apart so that you can put them back together properly. Clean each piece of pipe thoroughly to keep the problem from occurring again. Also, make sure to discard of the debris properly and keep a bottle of drain cleaner handy.

In conclusion, when your drains are plugged, you may have a huge problem. Clogged drains, if not handled properly or right away, can cause further damage if the pipes were to break. To prevent this, you must follow three steps. First, use a drain cleaner. The drain cleaner may be homemade or store bought. Also, a plunger may come in handy. Third, you could try snaking the drain. It can sometimes have a very positive effect. Third, try taking the pipes apart. This lets you clean out the debris that is clogging your drain and clean the pipes.

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