What You May Not Hear From Your Plumber

When plumbing problems occur, the response of many people is to pick up the phone and call the plumber.  However, there are some things to consider before picking up the phone.  In most cases, the plumber is one of the least likely persons to remind you of these facts.

In most instances, homeowners do not really need the services offered by the plumber.  The minimal service call of $125+ might cause you to stop before you call.  With the minimal service call, a five-minute job can put a strain on the pocketbook.  In addition, many of these jobs could have been completed by the homeowner with some simple tools.  For example, clogged drains can often be opened using a combination of baking soda and vinegar.  Clogs that are more stubborn might need a plunger or drain snake.  Leaky faucets can easily be repaired with a few inexpensive parts available at the hardware store.  Leaks, such as those in repair lines can quickly be repaired at a cost of less than $20.  Learning to complete these tasks on your own can cave the cost of a repair bill in many cases where the homeowner does not really need the services offered by the plumber.

Plumbers are not likely to tell you that it costs less to maintain the system than to make repairs.  Maintenance of items including water heaters and faucets can increase their lifespan by years.  Without maintenance, you may face the need for a middle of the night repair.  Most plumbing companies charge an additional fee for after hours work.  If you do call a plumber to your home, make the most of the service call by having him address all the plumbing problems in the home.  As for an inspection while he is there to save the cost of another service-call.

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Homeowners often are forced to pay hidden costs that are not revealed until the bill is presented at the end of the service call.  Be sure that you ask about any additional charges when calling with a problem.  Be sure to describe the problem to the best of your ability when you call and ask for an estimate.  Ask the dispatcher if the estimate is the final amount of the bill of if there will be additional charges.  Beware of companies that add travel time and mileage to the bill.

Homeowners often only need the plumber for true emergencies.  However, most of the time, they will be able to repair the problem for themselves.  Maintaining plumbing in good working condition can save expensive bills for repairs and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.  When scheduling a plumber be sure to inquire about hidden charges that might affect one’s final bill.

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