Top Plumbing Prevention Tips And DIY Help

Every homeowner should have working pipes that are able to provide fresh water to drink with and that is used for washing. Another important reason to have working pipes is to remove waste water. Pipes can easily become corroded, misused or abused in some way and water reliability suffers. Problems can happen but they can be avoided.

Top Tips to Prevent Problems with Plumbing

1. Never flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet drain.

Items that are labeled as flushable can still clog up drains and tanks. Non-flush items also include hair and food.

2. Avoid using oil in your sinks because the oils will harden and clog pipes over time. Get rid of the leftover oils from pots and pans in an empty jar and throw out the oils in the trash.

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3. Always use a special drain strainer in your shower to stop the hair from going down the drain and clogging the pipes. Every household should use these strainers regardless of the length of hair on each individual that uses the shower. Hair is one of the most common clogs and it forms into balls that turn into huge clogs especially in curved sections of pipes.

4. You can use measures of prevention like adding baking soda and vinegar to your drains followed by hot water. This is useful for cleaning out the drains, pipes and removing any type of buildup that could lead to a future clog. Baking soda can be used with chlorine, but it is not safe for the environment.

Fix Plumbing Problems Easily

1. You can use baking soda combined with vinegar and hot water to clear a clogged drain. You can also use store bought drain removal products.

2. You can try to use a plumbing snake to see if the pipes will become clear.

3. It is best to turn off the water supply when searching for problems to help conserve the water.

4. Teflon tape is a good fix to help seal pipes that are leaking.

DIY Plumbing Methods

There are many tutorials that you can find online, due to the popularity of the Internet, where you can learn from when trying to fix the most common problems that happen with plumbing. It is helpful if you spend the necessary time learning about how to prevent problems and to fix them yourself to help save money on plumbing repair expenses.

If you follow these tips and instructions, your pipes will stay clean during the ownership of your home. Water should be the only thing that is ever sent down the drain unless it is being flushed. Kitchen and bathroom sinks should have drain strainers to prevent clogs.

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