Companies Providing Free Qoutes For The Customers

The word ‘FREE’ is perhaps the most familiar word among consumers. Their weakness for this word is understood clearly by marketing experts who often use it to lure the customers into buying their product or service.

Things You Need to Know

A. The Term ‘Free’ Does Not Necessarily Mean Free.

1. A company may provide a free quote, but there is a good chance that the offer is available only when the customer subscribes to a monthly service, generally the credit report. However, you need to be on guard when asked for such personal information.

2. It is important that on the Internet, you never send your personal information to anyone. You also need to read the fine print carefully. If a particular quote interests you then just write down the information and call the phone number provided to check all the details and complete the transaction. You would do well to talk directly to a live operator.

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B. The Company May Run Your Credit

1. If you decide to request a quote from them then you may get an accurate quote but the company will run your credit; however, this will not benefit you in any way.

2. You need to know that your credit is recorded every time it is run. You may be penalized if anyone runs your credit score quite often. With each application, there will be reduction in your beacon score. Your creditors will consider your name negatively.

C. Such a Company Is Not Necessarily Always Accurate

1. You may be lured in by the offer of a free quote. Occasionally, such a company uses another trick – you will receive a lower quote than the actual payment that you have to make. Once you have decided to take up their offer, they will slap extra fees.

2. Get the quote in print and try to figure out everything. Read the fine print carefully. Be sure that you understand everything clearly.

D. You Have Been Placed on Their Spam List

1. Asking a free quote means the company will bombard you with constant calls and newsletters. You did show interest in their offer so the company will keep calling and mailing you until you decide to buy their offer.

2. You can avoid such a thing by using a separate and exclusive email just for this purpose. Always remember to close that email account once you have completed your purchase of that specific service or product. Ensure that you did not supply your cell phone or telephone number. If the company cannot contact you by phones then it will be forced to send you the information only through regular mail, in case you provided your mailing address to them.

3. Such a company may sell your email address to other companies and you will keep receiving spam emails.

You need to know how to protect yourself. While there are great benefits to purchasing services and products online, it is important to exercise caution. These guidelines will ensure that you have a safe, secure and pleasant online buying experience.

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