Tips For A Stress-free Home Repair

Performing a home repair does not have to be a stressful experience, provided you follow a few tips that are designed to make the experience a smooth and seamless one.

Pay for the repairs in cash, where possible. Home equity lines of credit, exhausting credit card balances, and personal loans can put undue stress on you and your wallet. Unless the repair is an emergency repair, try to save up for it so that you can pay for it outright, instead of  monthly reminder in the way of s credit card statement or loan payment. Once you have a set budget you can allocate your money accordingly and be able to negotiate with the contractor. In addition, as a reminder, never pay for the job up-front. Always pay a percentage to the contractor and the ending balance at the completion of the job. Which leads to a very important tip: Get everything in writing.

Get everything in writing. There are some very unscrupulous people out there so you need to make sure that estimates, changes, verbal negotiations, and gratis work is in writing. This will prevent price increases along the way along with making sure the contractor performs his job in the way that you and he agreed upon. Keep it in a safe place in the even that you have to refer back to it. Hire professionals that are licensed and insured to lessen the risk of this happening and to protect you and your home from any negligent damages. Also, whenever possible perform a background check or visit the Better Business Bureau in order to get a sense of who you are inviting into your home.

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Concentrate on one area at a time. Unless you have the means to afford temporary living conditions focus your attention on one major repair at a time. This will save you money and any stress that comes along with a full renovation. Performing multiple repairs at once can be a time-consuming, stressful venture. It can be taxing to constantly be walking into a construction zone of sorts. Your living conditions should be as habitable as possible.

Kitchen Repairs/Renovations:
If you are getting your kitchen renovated or certain repairs done to key appliances make sure that you have backup resources. For food preparation and cooking, eating out is an option, albeit an expensive one over time. You can also prepare and freeze certain meals that can be reheated in the microwave.

Bathroom Repairs/Renovations:
Needless to say, not having access to a bathroom can become frustrating after awhile so make sure that your made arrangements before hand. Those arrangements can include bathing at a friend or relative’s home, or using the shower at a gym or your place of employment.

Undergoing a large home repair or renovation can become an emotion-inducing experience. Make sure that you have taken the proper steps in order to alleviate those concerns where appropriate to make this as stress-free an undertaking as possible.

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