Food Salvage 911: What To Do When The Fridge Breaks

When the worst case scenario happens and your fridge breaks down, you need to act fast to keep your food from spoiling. The first few hours is the most critical time, you only have about 4 hours to develop and execute a plan to save your food.

Don’t Open Refrigerator Until Ready to Move Food

There are important tips to remember, to give yourself as much time as possible and prevent the food from spoiling. For instance, the more you open the door the more cold air gets released raising the temperature of the interior of your refrigerator, causing bacteria to grow and food to spoil faster. Keep the door closed as much as possible, to avoid this.

Find a Replacement Cooling Receptacle

Coolers work temporarily. You must stay on top of the ice, adding more as needed. If you have a spare freezer move all you can there (minus uncooked fresh fruits and vegetables), if not, ask a friend / neighbor / family member to use their refrigerator.

Cook Fresh Food

Any fresh food you have in the fridge, you can cook up to keep it from going bad. Vegetables that usually can’t stand up to the freezer can be blanched (lightly boiled for 3 minutes or so) and frozen for storage.

If you can’t find a replacement refrigeration receptacle, cook all the food in the refrigerator. Worst case, at least the extra food will go to friends and neighbors and not in the trash.

Call Your Appliance Repair Person

Hopefully you have a good appliance repair service you can call to come and manage the situation. If you happen to live in Southern Orange County, CA, you can always call us. If you’re elsewhere, ask your close friends for referrals.

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