5 Professional Kitchen Gadgets No Home Chef Should Be Without

Homemakers who love to cook, moms who prepare meals for large families and those who have their own home-based catering businesses are highly advised to build a budget for purchasing certain kitchen gadgets. Professional grade kitchen tools and gadgets are not solely for restaurant use. Families and home-based catering businesses can benefit from having professional kitchen gadgets, too, because such items will make the home chef’s time in the kitchen less stressful and their work more efficient.

Temperature Gauges

In both cooking and baking, temperature plays a vital role. There is such a thing called Safe Minimum Internal Temperature, which indicates that food has been properly cooked and is safe to eat. This is especially important when cooking or baking meat and poultry.

Temperature gauges vary in design and function. Some are used for ovens, while others are used for meat and poultry while the rest may be used for sugar and oil.

Standing Mixer

Standing mixers are time efficient and not tiring at all to use. When compared to hand-held mixers that cause the chef’s arm to tire, standing mixers are heaven-sent.

On top of that, certain models are available with attachments thatĀ  transforms a mixer into a pasta maker or a meat grinder, for an all-in-one cooking solution.

Dual Fuel Oven

Dual Fuel Oven, as the name implies, involves two fuel supplies – electricity and gas. With this kitchen gadget, the stove-top cooker is more responsive, allowing more precise and faster cooking.

With the electric function of a duel fuel oven, baked goods and broiled foods are cooked to perfection. This is because the temperature in the oven is monitored to stay even, which then avoids hot spots that can affect the quality of food being baked or broiled.

Knife Sharpener

Statistics show that most accidents in the kitchen are knife-related. It may sound surprising, but the reality is that a dull knife is the most dangerous item in the kitchen. Exerting extra pressure on the dull knife may cause it to slip, which may result to an injury to the food handler’s fingers – a cut or worse, loss of fingers.

When choosing a knife sharpener to purchase, consider getting one that is made with natural stone. Knife blades areĀ  best preserved when sharpened using natural stone material.

Indoor Grill

Barbecues do not have to be done outdoors any longer. With an indoor grill, it does not have to be a sunny day. One can have a barbecue anytime, in any kind of weather.

In grilling, fire means flavor. While indoor grill avoids fire for obvious safety reasons, indoor grill smokers are available to recreate that authentic flavor that only comes from barbecuing and grilling.

In conclusion, these five items are essential in any kitchen. They may be professional kitchen gadgets, but every home will benefit from them as well. They allow easier food preparation and ensure perfect cooking conditions, enabling any home chef to come up with splendid feasts that everyone will look forward to every meal time.

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