What Detergents Should I Use If I Have A Septic Tank?

There are cleansers such as liquid gels and detergents which are not suitable for use in septic tanks since they could cause clogging. For example, you should try to avoid phosphate-based and clay based cleansers since they tend to cause clogging far more often compared to more natural cleaners. Here is how to choose the suitable cleansers for your septic tank.

Phosphate-based cleansers

Experts recommend staying away from phosphate-based cleansers since this can destroy the population of “good” bacteria in your septic tank and can encourage algal bloom. Even if you have a septic tank and your drainage is not connected to the sewer, the use of phosphate-based cleaners is still not encouraged. Phosphates deplete oxygen in the water, which could be harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms, especially if the presence of phosphates has resulted to a full blown algae outbreak. If your sewage drains directly into a canal or a pond, using natural cleaners in your home, whether in your kitchen or bathroom is a better choice.

Clay/Plastic based cleansers

These are another category of cleaners that you should avoid if you want to keep your septic tank in good condition. Clay or plastic cleaners can clog the septic field due to the excess sludge that they leave behind. The buildup of clay sludge can easily clog up your tank and cause backflow of sewage.

Natural cleansers do not cause buildup

Fortunately, you have several options of natural cleaners that do not cause buildup in the septic tank such as vinegar and lemon juice. Vinegar is a good option for use in your laundry especially if you want to remove odors and stains. This is a good alternative to the antibacterial laundry solutions that eventually damage the septic tank. You can also use vinegar and baking soda solutions in cleaning your kitchen and bathroom tiles, instead if you use bleach which can do a lot of damage to your septic tank. Lemon juice is also another natural and effective solution. Lemons are great for cleaning your tubs and sinks, and will not damage your septic tank in any way. Lemon juice also works well when it comes to removing odors such as baby poop or cat pee.

Many people think that liquid gels and powders that you use for dishwashing and laundry are the reason why your septic tanks clog up from time to time. However, it is probably the additives in these cleansers which are causing the clogs and not the detergents themselves. To keep your septic tank in good condition, steer clear from phosphate-based and clay or plastic-based cleansers which tend to leave sludge in their wake. It is also important to perform regular maintenance on your tank to keep it free from clogs.

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