Is There Such Thing As A Combination Gas And Electric Range?

In many kitchens, both home and commercial, one of the toughest decisions is the fuel for the range.  Gas is instantly responsive to adjustments for the cook top units but unreliable in the oven.  Electric cook tops do not provide the needed responsiveness for the cook top but are quick heating and provide the even heat only found in a convection oven.  Homeowners no longer need to choose either one or the other with dual fuel electric ranges.

Wolf, a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment for many years, offers Dual fuel ranges in several models.  The consumer may choose the 30”, 36”, 48” or the full 60” model for the kitchen, all offering the dual fuel option.  These units offer Wolf’s dual stacked burners on the surface with an electric convection oven.  Consumers can choose black controls or the red knobs that let everyone know the range is a Wolf.  Wolf also allows the consumer to choose the burner configuration and the option of a built-in griddle.  While offered in a larger variety of sizes than those offered by other manufacturers, consumers should note the starting price for the 30” model is $6,400, making this brand by far the most expensive option.

General Electric offers a GE Café 30” Dual Fuel Range that is freestanding.  The model can replace any standard freestanding kitchen unit without requiring modification to the existing cabinets.  This unit features 5 sealed burners, one of which is the 20 thousand BTU tri-ring burner for quickly heating large pots of  water to the boiling point for cooking pasta.  This range also offers a convection oven consumers love for the crisp outside on baked goods while preserving moisture on the inside.  Consumers will find this unit offered between $2,000 and $2,999.

The Frigidaire Professional 40” Freestanding Dual Fuel Range offers five sealed burners and two ovens.   The primary oven offers a convection cooking mode and is self cleaning.  The second, smaller oven  does not provide convection heat and must be cleaned manually.  Larger than standard ranges, this unit may require modification of kitchen cabinets that abut the range on either side if they have not been designed to accommodate this size unit.  Consumers rank this oven at 4.5 of 5 stars on the average.  It is the least expensive of the dual fuel ranges and available at $1,900 to $2,499.

Most manufacturers of kitchen appliances now offer dual fuel ranges.  While these units are definitely more expensive than standard ranges using either gas or electricity, they offer the advantages of both models, allowing cooks to have the advantage of a gas cook top with an electric oven.  There are many models from which to choose and the stoves are available in a wide range of prices.

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