What One Should Know About Compact Washing/Drying Machines?

Those who do not have a lot of space in their home or apartment may want to consider buying a compact washer and dryer. There are a number of brand names and models to choose from, so a person should not have a problem finding a machine that meets his or her needs. Following is an overview of the options.

Stackable Washer/Dryers

As the name implies, stackable washer/dryers can be stacked on top of each other to save space. These machines also do not take up as much space as an average side by side unit and so can be used in small spaces.

Besides saving space, stackable washer/dryer machines also save water and energy. A person or childless couple may find that this machine can help them save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on additional water and power. Furthermore, many have found that placing one machine on top of the other saves the back pain of having to reach down to work two machines. The downside of buying a washer and dryer of this nature is that these often do not have as many functions and options as top loading machines have.

All in One Washer/Dryers

All in one washing/drying machines are very popular in Europe and are starting to become popular in the United States as well. They naturally save space as there is only one machine to work with instead of two. Furthermore, these machines are very easy to install as one will just have to plug the machine in and hook it up to a water source.

A person who is considering buying one of these machines should make sure that it is ventless. While most all in one washing/drying machines are made to be ventless, some are not and the ones that are not will generate a lot of heat that will turn a small room into a sauna. One will also want to check and see what size of load can be handled by the machine, as some machines can only wash and dry a very small amount of clothes at a time. It should also be noted that all in one washing/drying machines often do not thoroughly dry clothes and frequently leaves them very wrinkled.

Stackable and all in one washing/drying machines have both their advantages and disadvantages. They are usually smaller than traditional washing and drying machines and so are not particularly efficient. However, they can be ideal for a couple without children or a single who does not have a lot of laundry and who only has a small space in the home or apartment that can be used for a washing machine and drying machine.

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