Why Is My Washer Slow To Fill?

A slow filling washing machine can create a major inconvenience for many families.  The additional time to fill the machine means completing your laundry takes longer than normal.  In addition, the slow filling machine may be an indication that the water supply, and thus your clothes may not be as clean as you would hope.  Here are some helpful tips to avoid the slow filling machine.

One of the primary causes of a slow filling washing machine is that the water inlet valve screens have a sediment buildup.  If the water supply to the home is exceptionally hard, calcium compounds can form on the screens over time blocking the water supply.  These screens are located where the hoses attach to the back of the washing machine.  In order to clean them, turn off the valves where the hoses attach to the wall.  Carefully detach the hoses from the back of the machine and look inside the end of the hose for the screen.  Sand, sediment and the afore mentioned calcium buildup can all slow the flow into the machine.  If a calcium buildup is the problem, it may be easier to replace the filter screens than to clean them.  However, sediment can usually be washed away using a garden hose.  Adding a water softener system to the home can reduce the calcium buildup and the amount of detergent needed for a clean load of laundry.

The water valve inside the machine itself may be the problem.  These valves can begin to wear mechanically over time and not provide as large an opening for water flow as they once did.  In this case, it may be necessary to repair or replace the valve to ensure adequate flow is restored to the machine.  Unless you are handy at making such repairs, you may want to call for the help of an appliance repair company.

If homeowners notice a general lack of hot water pressure and filling the machine when washing with hot water is a problem the source may be the hot water heater.  As water is repeatedly heated, minerals can build up in the tank and the exit pipe slowing the flow of hot water.  Homeowners can slow this problem by following directions for draining the hot water heater at least once per year.  Be sure the water heater is powered off before attempting to drain the tank.  A water softener can also help to solve this problem.

For many people, laundry is a dreaded chore.  When the washing machine fills slowly, the task takes more of your precious time.  Check the filter screens first when facing problems with a slow filling washing machine.  Cleaning the screens often restores the flow to the machine.

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