Why Is There Water Dripping Inside My Refrigerator?

When water is dripping in the fridge it can sometimes be seen but other times it can only be heard.  Dripping water can create an inconvenience for the family.  It can occur for several different reasons.

In addition to the inconvenience of extra clean up when water drips onto the trays and food containers, water dripping in a refrigerator can cause dangers to the health of individuals consuming food stored inside the unit.  For example, water may drip onto a meat container stored on an upper shelf and wash harmful bacteria to food stored below.  These bacteria can include e-coli and other pathogens that can create health problems for those consuming the uncooked produce that is contaminated.  In addition, the water dripping into food may spoil the contents, leading to additional food costs as that which is damaged must be replaced.

Water dripping in the refrigerator may have several different causes.  Self defrosting refrigerators go through a regular defrost cycle to reduce the frost buildup in the freezer compartment.  The design of some models allows the melted water to drip down the back of the refrigerator compartment to a drain hole located in the bottom floor of the fridge.  This drain hole allows the water to drip to a tray beneath the fridge where it eventually evaporates.

Sometimes, the dripping water is an indicator that the refrigerator has stopped working.  Check to ensure the temperature inside the fridge is remaining cold.  Do not consume food that has not been stored under refrigeration.

Some models of refrigerators have a drain hose instead of letting the water drain down the inside of the refrigerator.  These hoses have a reputation for becoming clogged.  The Clog can be caused by water freezing inside the hose as it exits from the freezer.  Debris can also plug the hose.  Users recommend using a turkey baster to direct hot water into the drain which may clear the plug.  Others have been successful using a hair dryer to defrost the drain line.  Still others find it necessary to empty the contents of the freezer and fridge into an ice chest and turn the dial to off.  Allow the line a few hours to defrost and drain.  Return the food to its respective area and turn the fridge back to its regular settings.

A refrigerator dripping water can be an annoying problem.  In addition, the drips may cause spoilage of foods and or contamination, endangering the health of those who depend on the device for food safety.  While the drips can have several reasons for forming, it is in the best interest of the owner to locate the source of the drip and make necessary repairs or replace the fridge if it has stopped working.

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