What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Most Major Home Appliances?

Major home appliances are some of the most important products homeowners will buy when setting up their new home. By purchasing quality items, you can often enjoy your products for years down the line without worrying about re-investing in their replacement or repair. Quality home appliances are well worth the extra expense to ensure your investment pays off long term.

Major home appliances include such items as washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, heaters, etc. These products can be purchased in local home appliance shops, department stores or online. Name brand appliances often cost more than their generic counterparts, making them more tempting to buy. However, quality is of utmost importance when purchasing a major appliance to ensure efficiency and longevity. Name brand products are often of higher quality construction, providing longer lasting service with less breakdowns and repairs.

The life expectancy of major home appliances differ, depending on the product, name brand, usage and care. Even high quality products will not last very long if not given the proper maintenance and care. Before purchasing home appliances, it can be helpful to learn more about their average lifespan as this gives an indication of how much the products are worth. The longer the life expectancy of a product, the more value it has, increasing the cost people would be willing to pay for its purchase. In contrast, products with a lower life expectancy are not valued as much, so homemakers would expect to pay less to secure them.

The following chart gives the average life expectancy of many home appliances used in most households today. By taking these facts into consideration, you can make more cost effective choices for the appliance you buy.

1. Refrigerator – 12 years
2. Washer – 12 years
3. Electric Dryer – 14 years
4. Gas Dryer – 13 years
5. Electric Range – 16 years
6. Gas Range – 19 years
7. Electric Water Heater – 14 years
8. Gas Water Heater – 9 years
9. Microwave – 8 years
10. Dishwasher – 12 years

Although these figures represent the average life expectancy of the products named, the actual duration of your appliance will depend a great deal on its usage and care. Most home appliances come in a variety of models and designs, to correspond with their usage. Larger models of washing machines, for example, are designed for heavy duty use, while compact models are designed for lesser use. By purchasing the model that best corresponds to your lifestyle, you can gain optimum longevity and use for the money you spend.

Purchasing the appropriate home appliance for your needs can be challenging, to say the least. Your knowledge about a product’s construction, design, features and life expectancy can help you make the right choice for the appliance you need.

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