5 Common Items That Are Detrimental To Your Washer/ Dryer

Just because something fits in your washing machine does not mean it is a good idea to wash it.  This is just as true for some clothing items as for non-clothing items.  While the list of items that can damage your washer is a long one, there are five things, in particular, that are commonly washed despite their potential for causing trouble.  These are: rubber mats, small metal objects, leather, embroidered and beaded pieces and crayons.

It can be tempting to try to run your rugs and bath mats through the washing machine, but if they have rubber backs, you should resist the temptation.  This is because rubber backing, which keeps the mats from slipping on the floor, breaks down over time.  Washing speeds this process, shortening the lives of your mats.  Even worse, the peeling backing falls off when the mats go through the wash.  The resultant rubber pieces clog the machine’s drain and your water lines.  This is not only a hassle, but it also results in an expensive appliance repair bill.

Like rubber mats, small metal objects, including screws, nails and chains, can damage your washing machine seriously.  You are however, less likely to wash these things on purpose.  Metal objects usually get into the wash by accident because someone leaves them in a pocket.  Such a simple act of carelessness can, unfortunately, have serious consequence since these types of objects can burn out the washer’s electric drain pump.  To avoid this problem, make sure to empty pockets before washing clothes.

Another material that should never see the inside of a washing machine is leather.  Leather is notoriously intolerant of water.  In fact, washing leather clothing or other leather items will ruin them by causing the material to tighten and crack.  The leather can also damage your washer as leather dye bleeds in water and can stain your tub.

Additional clothing items that do not mix well with your washing machine include hand sewn and beaded items.  These delicate pieces are actually too delicate for even the gentle cycle because the agitator arm loosens stitching and beading.  Unfortunately, loose beads or other décor can actually clog your water lines and the machine’s drain.

Many parents of small children have learned the hard way to be very careful of mixing the final items on the list, crayons, with the washing machine or the dryer.  Made of wax, crayons melt in hot water to leave a sticky, congealed mess.  This waxy blob will ruin any clothing you wash with it and can clog your water lines.  Even if, by some miracle, the crayons do not melt in the washing machine, they will melt in the dryer.  This results in a messy residue all over the inside of the appliance.  To avoid a frustrating cleanup, check children’s pockets for crayons before washing clothes.

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