How Can I Make My Existing Washer And Dryer More Energy Efficient?

Major household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, etc. greatly facilitate the running of a home. If you have a large family, these appliances can be a tremendous help in keeping your household running smoothly and efficiently without taking up a great deal of your time.

The cost of investing in major appliances such as a washer and dryer can be high. Therefore, once you have purchased a washer/dryer set, you want them to last a fair amount of time. Most people do not have the resources to upgrade their washers or dryers every year, even if newer models contain more features   or are more energy efficient to use. In order to compensate for the lack of funds to be constantly upgrading these appliances, smart homemakers will seek ways to increase the energy efficiency of their current appliances to meet their family’s  needs.

There are numerous practical ways in which you can conserve energy when using older washers and dryers. As most washers use the same energy regardless of the amount of clothes you wash, you can conserve energy by washing full loads and using your machine less. Many homemakers limit their washing to two to three times a week rather than every day. This helps to conserve energy as well as time. You can also save energy by washing in cold water, rather than hot. When spinning a load of clothes, make sure to use the high spin cycle to get as much moisture out of the clothes as possible. This reduces the amount of time required for drying, thus conserving energy when using your dryer. Weather permitting, you could even dry your clothes outside in the open air, reserving dryer usage to cold and rainy weather.

When using your dryer, you can increase its energy efficiency  by drying full loads and making sure the lint filter is cleaned regularly. A dirty lint filter will restrict air circulation, reducing dryer efficiency. You should also utilize your dryer’s moisture sensor settings to get the most effective use from your machine and preserve the quality of your clothes. Some fabrics tend to be very sensitive to heat; by using the proper settings, you can help to reduce energy levels and protect your clothes at the same time.

Make sure your dryer’s exhaust is cleaned on a regular basis to help prevent accidental fires and to keep your machine working at optimum capacity. By keeping your dryer a safe distance from the wall, you can avoid accidents that could damage the exhaust. A damaged exhaust will only reduce your machine’s capacity to function at its best.

With regular maintenance and care, older washers and dryers can provide you with years of reliable and efficient use. By following the counsel given above, you can save energy while continuing to use your current appliances to the full.

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