Top Three Silly Kitchen Appliances and Inventions

Everyone is not called to be a gourmet cook, and that is okay. That is why there are so many tools and gadgets in the kitchen. The right kitchen appliances can make your lowly cooking skills seem like you have had years of experience. However, some kitchen inventions should be left on the drawing board.

First up on the list is the Eno Multi Purpose Kitchen Tool The Homo Sapien. This gadget is a $59 and resembles a potato shaped rock. This overpriced tool does everything a rock does too, such as grind garlic, crush herbs, and act as a pestle to mash things. Save your money and either find a nice rock or spend a fraction of the cost on a real motor and pestle.

Snapi comes next on the list. The manufacturers of Snapi call it, “Snapi – the single handed server – allows easy serving of salad, pasta, fruit, etc. Unique, ergonomic, attractive design”. I think they may be over reaching it when they call it attractive. This is what I imagine an alien’s hand to look like. Is it a good idea or not? Honestly, it is not that hard to serve many salads and dishes with one spoon, and if not, how hard is it to set your plate down?

Finally, the Egg Genie is another kitchen appliance that is bound to go unused and take up counter space. The Egg Genie will make up to seven eggs at the perfect consistency – from soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled. Eggs are really healthy for you, but we know that using a pot of water and a kitchen timer will get you the same results.

Have a good laugh? We won’t judge you if you have one of these silly inventions in your kitchen. For repair and maintenance on your real appliances, though, call Abacus Appliances. Our professional and affordable services are no joke.

 What kitchen tools and gadgets do you think are silly and should be banned from kitchens nationwide?

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