Save Money this Winter By Fixing Air Leaks

Can you imagine spending $1000 a month on heating costs? Seems a little unlikely, but one New York resident did while trying to warm up her 90-year-old home. While we can bet you will never spend that much on heating and electricity, do you feel like you are spending too much?

Energy efficient experts tell The Washington Post, “From sealing air leaks to unplugging cell-phone chargers, these recommended improvements don’t require big-ticket purchases like windows or air or heating systems (although those may be necessary in some cases). Many energy-saving moves are so inexpensive, relatively speaking, that they quickly pay for themselves”.

Air leaks are to blame if your home is not as energy and cost efficient as you would like. In the winter, air leaks cold air in, while letting warm air escape. It is a lose-lose situation for your home.

Fixing air leaks seems like a costly and timely fix, but it can take less than an afternoon and less than $50. You will see the savings immediately with the next bill you receive. You will also feel the difference immediately too, since the house will stay warmer and cold drafts will be eliminated.

Take a quick look at this easy home improvement video to learn how to fix air leaks.

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