The $41,500 Fridge Does It All

If you have ever spent your time in the kitchen cleaning and cooking, you may have joked about the idea of an appliance that just does it all for you. For about $41K your dreams can come true.

The La Cambusa is designed by Italian fridge maker, Meneghin. These fridges are completely customizable to your décor and preferences. As you can see in one of their product photos, these beautifully designed refrigerators are not just for the kitchen. Instead, some may use it as a central décor piece in their main room or lounging room.

The fridge is intended to meet individual needs, which means that one can choose to equip their fridge with a fridge, freezer, space for a coffee maker, a fitted pantry, a double pantry, an ice-maker, microwave oven, steam oven, and multi-function oven.

The outside design is finished in wood and comes in three colors, as well as different stains.

We know you won’t be running out to buy this expensive beauty, but it is always fun to dream, right? Modern homeowners who do want this would have to redesign their kitchen area to accommodate this large appliance. Now only if it could have come programed with a dishwasher.

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