Five Crazy Things You Can Wash in a Dishwasher

What do you use your dishwasher for? The obvious answer is to clean dishes, of course, but what if you could use it to clean more. Here are five things you can wash in the dishwasher that aren’t covered in food.

  1. Baseball Caps:  If you have ever washed your baseball cap in the washing machine, you know how odd it can look once it is clean. Washing machines are a little too aggressive for billed hats, but a dishwasher is perfect. However, RealSimple warns, “Don’t wash them with dishes; food can get trapped in the cloth”.
  2. Plastic Toys: Want to sanitize your playroom in a flash? Put all plastic toys in the dishwasher and wash away. This is perfect for toys made of all plastic, such as balls, dump trucks, action figures, and more. If it is a plastic toy with another material on it, it is best to avoid the dishwasher. Toys, like Barbies and similar dolls, will come out with a permanent bad hair day.
  3. Hairbrushes and Combs: Hairbrushes and combs will be quickly sanitized in the dishwasher. Just avoid brushes made of wood or natural fibers and hairs. Also, be sure to clean the hairs out of the bristles so it does not clog to dishwasher’s drain.
  4. Shoes: Flip flops and rain boots can be given a new life with just a simple spin in the dishwasher.
  5. Food: Your dishwasher’s main job is to clean food off of plates, but it can also help with meal prep too. You can put your potatoes on the top rack, rinse-only cycle without detergent. The cycle will clean your potatoes. If you are really adventurous, you can also cook perfect salmon in the dishwasher. Just season your fillet and wrap it securely in aluminum foil. Let it run a short cycle without detergent (unless you prefer the extra flavor). Within 20-30 minutes, you should have a perfectly steamed fillet without the house smelling like fish.

Dishwashers make life a little easier, and now you can use it for even more things. Have you ever tried putting one of these items in your dishwasher?

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