Appliance Service | Orange County

Life is constantly moving and for most of us, things like proper appliance maintenance and servicing tend to get overlooked. For example: If your condenser on your refrigerator is clogged, that may lead to blowing a relay or worst yet, blowing the compressor. In cases like these, having a trusted professional on your side can prevent further damage from occurring. Let the experts at Abacus Appliance Service Corporation be your trusted professionals. We can save your lightly used appliances from becoming obsolete before their time. Here is a list of appliances that need to be maintained:

  • Dishwasher: Sump and drain cleaning (snake and cleaning solution).
  • Refrigerator: Condenser cleaning and in-line filter replacement.
  • Dryer: Inner unit lint removal and vent clearing to prevent fires.
  • Washing Machines: Cleaning solution
  • Standalone Icemaker: Cleaning solution

Along with these services, we are more than willing to teach the proper way to perform these tasks so that you may do these on your own and save money.