Bosch Appliance Repair | Orange County

Being the proud owner of a high-end appliance like a Bosch, you know that repairs and maintenance can be few and far between. However, since you’re here, we’re guessing that few and far between is right now. Right now, you need quick repair services from a technician known for the same reliability as your appliances. That’s where we come in; at Abacus Appliance Service Corp., we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of Bosch appliances and are committed to a higher standard of workmanship, just like Bosch.

Bosch is an innovative US brand based in North Carolina that is a part of BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Since 1997, the company has been the leader in efficiency and quietness innovation and has earned the highest ranking in J.D. Power and Associates Major Home Appliance Customer Satisfaction Study for two consecutive years.

Let us prove to you that your satisfaction is our number one priority too. Hook your wagon to another winning team and trust your luxury appliance repair to Abacus. At Abacus, we stand behind our work. Call us today at 800.222.1088; you won’t regret it.