Cooktop Repair Service | Orange County

Unwanted scratches and chips on your cooktop surface got you down?

Just because you use your cooktop on a daily basis doesn’t mean you should have to stare at those unsightly nicks all the time too. The professionals at Abacus Appliance Service Corp. can help. We can make those imperfections a thing of the past with a little simple knowhow. Here at Abacus, we know that technically there is no true way to repair a cooktop except to replace it, but, with just a little TLC and some helpful industry secrets, we can alleviate your eyesore in no time.

Although not an exact science, filling chips and scratches with a porcelain-ceramic repair kit is an affordable solution to your repair needs. We can come out and repair your cooktop within 48 hours of your call, giving you the professional results you desire at a price near that of a do-it-yourself job.

Let the trusted technicians at Abacus return your cooktop to its original glory and contact us today. We won’t settle for second best because you wouldn’t either.