Down Draft Ventilation Repair Service| Orange County

Does your kitchen get cloudy as you cook?

Then chances are you have a malfunctioning down draft ventilation system. Most down draft repairs stem from the grease filter or some part of the exhaust ductwork that can be easily clogged by grease or mechanical errors that prevent you from activating ventilation. For professionals, like the ones at Abacus Appliance Service Corp., performing these repairs is a relatively routine task. We can usually complete the service in one afternoon, giving you the opportunity to return to everyday life faster.

Down draft range hood maintenance is one of the most commonly overlooked kitchen chores. At Abacus, we offer up our expertise as a courtesy to our clients. We’ll caution you on proper maintenance procedures to ensure proper function. But, as we all know, even the most diligent of note takers can miss a tip every now and then.

We understand that you cannot be the superhero all the time and that’s ok. Everyone needs a little help every once in awhile, that’s where we come in. At Abacus, we provide maintenance services for a minimal fee. We save you not only time, but money as well. So call, email or fill out our form and get the best service for your dollar with Abacus Appliance Repair Corp.