Freezer Repair Service | Orange County

Whether your ailing freezer is a stand-alone unit or an element of your refrigerator, the experts at Abacus can help. At Abacus, we know you work hard for your money and the last thing you want to do is spend all that money on repair costs. That’s what we offer comprehensive repair services at a price you can afford. We care about your well-being, because without you, there would be no us.

Most freezer malfunctions stem from improper maintenance practices. If you’re experiencing issues like a clogged drain port or a dirty condenser coil then it’s time to service your unit. Freezers, although durable, are not unbreakable. By unknowingly neglecting your unit you are extending its usage past its suggested handling guidelines.

At Abacus, our dedication to our clients runs deep. With us, customer service never ends. Our highly- trained professionals will offer tips on proper washing machine maintenance and usage to prevent more service calls at a later time. Rely on the experts at Abacus Appliance Service Corp. We’re not just about customer service now, were about customer service for life.