GE Appliance Repair | Orange County

Are you the proud owner of an appliance made by America’s oldest appliance manufacturers?

GE is the innovative American brand of appliances that holds itself to a higher standard. Founded by Thomas Edison over 100 years ago, their commitment to quality service is second to none, just like ours here at Abacus. At Abacus, we can service your GE appliance right in your home, usually with same-day or next-day servicing, now that’s what I call amazing service!

GE offers one of the largest varieties of innovative yet stylish appliances on the market today. From refrigerators, microwaves and ranges to dishwashers and washers and dryers and everything in between, GE manufactures it all. They even offer more modern color options like stainless steel, champagne and vermillion red.

GE and its products have stood the test of time, but even the longest running, most reliable things need a little maintenance service every now and again, insert Abacus Appliance Service Corp. here. Abacus does more than repair, they maintain as well. So, if repair is not in your cards, but maintenance is, call us, we’ll keep your older reliable appliance running like new.