Hotpoint Appliance Repair | Orange County

Need an honest technician that will get straight to the “point” when it comes to servicing your Hot Point appliance? Contact Abacus Appliance Service Corp. At Abacus, we pride ourselves in our no-hassle services. We promise to never suggest an unnecessary service or to charge you too much for the ones we do recommend. We understand you work hard for your money, that’s why all our service calls start at an affordable rate of $59. Because just like your Hot Point Appliance, affordability is a fundamental trait of ours.

Your Hot Point appliance was made by the GE Corporation in America. It offers an affordable means of purchasing larger appliances by keeping things basic; making it one of the most widely available and cost-effective appliance brands on the market. But, you already know this, that’s why you bought the thing!

So if your Hot Point appliance is on the fritz, don’t replace it, repair it. Call Abacus Appliance Service Corp. today at 800.222.1088; we’ll save you time and money.