Refrigerator Repair Service | Orange County

Your refrigerator isn’t running, now what?

We suggest taking a few cautionary steps while you wait for the professionals from Abacus Appliance Service Corp. to come service your unit. First things first, disconnect the power/shut off the water immediately. The last thing you want is for your refrigerator coils to burn out because of a faulty unit. Don’t put your family at risk, remove the power source and wait for us for a proper diagnosis.

Next, remove all your food from the unit and store in a cooler or smaller refrigerator. This is a very integral step in the maintenance process. If there is food in the refrigerator when it is turned back on it will not temper right and you will have a new problem to replace the one that just got fixed. Finally, ask your reliable Abacus technician for some maintenance tips. With Abacus, customer service doesn’t end with the successful repair of your unit. We always welcome questions and offer tips to all our clients. Because at Abacus, we don’t just want a customer for now, we want a customer for life.

Whatever your need, Abacus has the solution. Whether it’s simple guidance or complete professional services, we can help. We want to do anything we can to make the dissolution of this inconvenience as easy as possible. Our expert technicians stand behind their work. We are not just in the appliance repair business, we are in the people business as well. Call, email or fill out our form today and we will come to your rescue as soon as possible.