Sub Zero Appliance Repair | Orange County

Being the proud owner of a high-end appliance like a Sub Zero, you know that repairs and maintenance can be few and far between. But, since you’re here, we’re guessing that few and far between is right now. Right now, you need quick repair services from a technician known for the same reliability as your appliances. That’s where we come in; at Abacus Appliance Service Corp., we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of Sub Zero appliances and are committed to a higher standard of workmanship, just like Sub Zero.

Sub Zero is a luxury appliance brand that carved its place in history with its dual compressor refrigeration systems. Since then, they have become famous for their hand-made manufacturing and innovative technologies like built-in refrigerators. Abacus Appliance Service Corp. knows that quality hand-made products rarely need servicing, but, just in case, we offer general maintenance services like condenser cleaning and in-line filter replacement.

So if you want repair or maintenance services that are second to none for your hand-made appliance that is second to none, than call Abacus Appliance today. At Abacus Appliance Service Corp., we pride ourselves in our unbeatable and prompt servicing.