Thermador Appliance Repair | Orange County

Trying to emulate your favorite TV chef?

Chances are you bought your Thermador appliance because you saw its functionality and reliability on Julia Child’s show and you want to produce a finished product just like hers. At Abacus Appliance Service Corp., we know that proper functioning appliances are crucial to cooking at a professional level, that’s why we offer maintenance services as well as repair services for your Thermador appliance.

For more than 75 years Thermador has been adding luxury and efficiency to the American home with innovations like the “smooth top” range and “speedcooking” oven designs. Made famous in the 1970s by Julia Child in her PBS TV Series, today, Thermador’s cutting-edge technology has become the industry standard, just like Abacus Appliance Service Corp.

At Abacus Appliance Service Corp., we strive to be better than the rest. Our level of customer satisfaction is second to none, just like your taste in appliances. So leave your beloved appliances in the hands of proven professionals (check out our testimonials) and contact Abacus today.