Trash Compactor Repair Service | Orange County

Your trash compactor is one of those appliances that make everyday life run just a little smoother. So, when it’s on the fritz, it really puts a kink in your lifestyle. Don’t be inconvenienced by your modern convenience longer than you have to. With Abacus, you’ll get unbeatable same and next-day in-home services at affordable rates.

No two repairs are identical. Some can be as menial as tightening or replacing a malfunctioning belt and greasing the drive screw to as substantial as replacing and reinstalling the entire unit. No matter what the problem, Abacus has the solution. Our licensed and bonded staff is constantly training and retraining to ensure that we can repair anything that needs fixing. Now that’s what I call experience!

Don’t waste another dime on a new trash compactor without calling Abacus first. Our affordable expert services are second to none. We don’t accept second best because you don’t either. So, call, email or fill out our form today for comprehensive solutions for your appliances.