Wall Oven Repair Services | Orange County

Faulty wall oven got you singing the blues? Thinking your only option is to replace the entire unit?

Well think again. The trusted appliance experts at Abacus can diagnose your exact problem and hopefully save you from a costly new purchase.
We know that a faulty wall oven can be inefficient, cook foods improperly, stop functioning, or worst of all, become a danger your family. At Abacus Appliance Service Corp., our goal is to get your appliance to near new conditions so you can get back to your busy life.

Not all repairs are created equal. Some can be as small as fixing the oven light or repairing a door hinge to as large as replacing and reinstalling the entire unit. No matter what the ailment, Abacus has the remedy. Our trusted technicians are constantly training and retraining to ensure that we can fix anything you put in front of us. Now that’s what I call dedication!

Don’t waste another penny on a new unit without calling Abacus first. Our affordable and reliable services are second to none. So, put your appliance and your trust in the hands of the professionals at Abacus Appliance Repair Corp and contact us today. We don’t accept second best because you don’t either.