Washer Repair Service | Orange County

Are you worried that you might have to replace your washing machine soon?

Well don’t be. Most washing machine malfunctions can be fixed for a minimal fee by professionals like the ones at Abacus Appliance Repair Corp. At Abacus, we understand that replacing a washer can be quite costly. That’s why we offer comprehensive repair services at a price you can afford.

Most washing machine ailments stem from heavy or improper usage. If you’re experiencing issues like a broken agitator or an unbalanced drum then chances are you overload your washing machine. Washing machines, although durable, are not unbreakable. By chronically overloading your unit you are extending it past its suggested usage.

At Abacus, our dedication to our clients runs deep. With us, service doesn’t end after we fix your unit. Our highly-trained professionals will offer counseling on proper washing machine maintenance and usage to prevent more service calls in the future. Trust in the experts at Abacus Appliance Service Corp. We’re not just about customer service now, were about customer service for life.